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Our Memorial Day Adventure

I'm in the house with a mosquito buzzing around me - because of the torrential rainfall and flooding yesterday - but we missed it all because of an overly curious dog. First of all I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. "Thank you!" to all of the men and women who have served our country. We decided to go up Thursday night so we could wake up Friday morning at the farm. It was a wonderful way to start the weekend off. I noticed this right away - smothered in blooms and smells just heavenly! Gardenia bush in full bloom I picked a bouquet and brought it inside to enjoy: We had pretty nice weather - cloudy with the sun peeking out, showers in the afternoon but nothing to mess up the day. We went into town to the farmer's market for fresh produce, got a flag to hang at the end of the driveway,  and took care of some other things that needed to be done. Bruce also got my fountain running. It's wonderful to have it going

New Art Opportunity

I've excited to share my new art opportunity! Have you heard of the Painting parties - you know, the ones where you bring your own beverage (usually wine) and you get to do a fun painting? Well, our neighbor at the farm with the vineyard asked if I'd be willing to do a class in the vineyard. Oh fun! Of course! I told my art instructor about it and there's the possibility of me teaching them at the art school for Ladies Night. And then I had friends ask if I'd come to their homes and do a party there. Sure! Have party supplies, will travel. :-) I've been a busy bee gathering supplies and coming up with the paintings. I'm having a blast! My friend, Cindy, fixed up my apron for me along with this cute towel. Bruce helped me put all my easels together. A table full of easels And I have my first official booking! Thank you, Denise! We're going to paint my "Vino" painting. I'm waiting to hear back on when the vineyard p

Mother's Day Review

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day! I know I did. I got to spend most of the weekend at the farm. That's always a good thing. But this time, we had extra fun as my mother-in-law, Bonnie, and Bruce's oldest brother, Barry, came up too. We spent Saturday relaxing and enjoying each others company. Bruce and Bonnie  Bruce and Barry shot guns and worked on a small project venting the water heater properly. It's good to have that done. The previous safety vent was too small so they made it bigger. Whew. Bonnie and I enjoyed the beautiful day, sitting on the back porch, walking around looking at everything and picking the first dew berries. We got a good start for a pie! :o) Sunday, Bruce and Barry took us over to Sabor a Pasion for brunch. Yum! Simon always makes the best food! Bonnie enjoyed getting to meet him and try out his food. She said she'd never had a breakfast that looked so pretty or tasted so good. Simon and Bonnie Of course

Let's Play Catch Up

Hello, friends! I've realized I've been a very bad blogger lately, not posting much. I've been working on an exciting opportunity that involves painting and teaching a fun class so I've been working on getting everything together. It takes a lot of time to come up with the ideas and then painting the examples but it's been so much fun! Sooo, let me catch you up to what I have done in the past several weeks. First of all, I rearranged the living room. (I did this the end of February so excuse the wintery decor). We brought the other red chair up and I needed to move things around to make it fit. Plus, I finally relented and let Bruce bring a small tv up so we could watch movies in the evening. Before: Couch along wall, red chair on other side of fireplace (not shown). After: Moved the couch in front of the window and chairs on either side of the fireplace. Although none of these pictures show the tv, it sits on the table where the horse hea