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Happy Thanksgiving!

Autumn has finally come to Texas. The leaves are beautiful this year - red, gold, orange, and rust. I never get tired of the leaves changing... Maybe it's because we have such hot summers and the leaves changing mean cooler weather has finally arrived. Good for a cozy fire in the fire pit. And a time for giving thanks. May you all have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving. With joy, Cecilia

Winter Tablescape With Modani

Today I am teaming up with the folks over at Modani to create a Winter Tablescape. They have an incredible line of modern furniture and although my style tends to be more rustic, I actually found several pieces I liked that I thought would fit in with my decor. A tablescape is the perfect way to add a holiday feel to your home. To begin, I thought about what inspires me - Pine, mercury glass, and silver/white accents are what I think of for the perfect Winter decor - they bring to mind fresh cut Christmas trees, the sparkle of sunlight on snow, lights on a dark winter night, and the glitter of ornaments on the tree. So I gathered a collage of things that help bring all that indoors: Next, I went over to Modani's website and chose the perfect table. I picked the Philippe table in the white finish because while it has a beautiful modern finish, it has the classic style I am drawn to. I could just see this one in my farmhouse! I can just imagine the evergreen swag down the

New Card Design and Ramblings

I did it! I finished my new Christmas card design. Here's a sneak peak: Now it's off to the printers and I wait....I'm hoping I will have them next week. I've been cleaning and getting ready for Thanksgiving and planning my Wintery, Christmas tablescape. I hope you'll check back next week for that. I'm excited to decorate for Christmas this year. Last year was a bust as I was dealing with my broken knee and unable to do much. As a matter of fact, I will be decorating the farmhouse this weekend. Hurray! I can't wait!! I'm also trying to finish up the painting of my niece's horse. It is by far the best painting I've ever done. I'm so excited about how it's turning out. Here's how it looked when I started and then about 2 weeks ago: It always amazes me how much tweaking it takes...just when you think it could be done, you see something else to work on. I do hope to have it done before Christmas. I'm also worki

Virginia Vacation and A Winner!

Hello friends! Do you have something from childhood you always wanted to do? I did. When I was a little girl, I read every horse book I could lay my hands on. To say I was horse crazy is an understatement. I wanted a horse of my own but had to be content with living vicariously through books. One of those books was "Misty of Chincoteague" by Marguerite Henry. I loved this book! I wanted to go to Chincoteague during the pony round-up and bring one of the ponies home. Sadly, I was never able to convince my parents of this plan. :o) So when we started planning a vacation with our friends and Virginia was chosen, I knew I wanted to go to the island if at all possible. I told Bruce, "I don't care what the others want to do, but on my birthday you are going to take me to Chincoteague and Assateague to see the wild ponies!" (We were going to be in Virginia on my birthday). Fortunately, our friends were agreeable and we went on my actual birthday! Assateague

Lady in Red

"I've never seen you looking so lovely as you did tonight, I've never seen you so bright... I never will forget the way you looked tonight...the lady in red"  source She's beautiful all dressed in red. Sleek and made new. Ready for her new home. I really enjoyed transforming this dresser into a media console. My friend is thrilled with her and that makes me doubly happy.  From this: To this:  A beautiful lady in red. Have a wonderful weekend! And if you haven't signed up yet for the giveaway, go here and do so! hugs, Cecilia P.S. My friend has promised to share a picture of the red lady in her new home. As soon as I get it, I'll post it.  *UPDATE* She sent me this picture of it in its new the knobs she added to the drawers! All done! Linking up at Before and After Wednesdays