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Touring Through Blogland

I was recently asked by Vicky of Life on Willie Mae Lane if I would like to participate in the Blogland Tour. Of course, I said yes! I met Vicky through blogging when she hosted a Christmas Ornament exchange through her blog. I actually "drew" her name as a recipient so got to learn something about her. She is a very warm and caring person and extremely talented. She's been working on her dining and living rooms...updating and renovating those spaces. She did a plank wall : a built in  bookcase (love the blue background!): And she refreshed this piece to use as a  buffet : Love it against her plank wall!  And those are just some of her projects. She's also added in beautiful pops of color with blue and coral. Be sure and go check out her blog to see all the fabulous things she's done. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now I'm supposed to answer four questio

Art Studio Projects

I've been busy putting the art studio together. As I've moved things, I've worked on some projects to pull the space together. This was my inspiration fabric: Love the artist on it: I added it to my white curtains and made a chair cushion for my sewing chair: Then I took some containers from IKEA and spray painted them in my colors - green and purple: They used to be yellow and blue. :o) They hold X-Acto knives, pens and pencils, brushes, and other art supplies: Loving them! They are sitting above my drafting table. Next, I took my memo board and updated it with a great fabric I found at Hobby goes with my inspiration fabric in a French theme. hm, green or purple ribbon? Went with the green since the buttons were purple It's hanging on the wall next to my sewing table: I also found a small drafting table at a thrift store. It wasn't painted so I painted the body of it with my green paint. I have a r

Round Up of Finished Projects

I finally got the shadow box up to the farm and hung: I decided to place it above the chest of drawers as it is the most prominent place for it to be enjoyed: Here's a picture of both the shadow box wall and the adjacent wall with the frame and plate: I am really happy with how this project turned out and Mom would be thrilled. I also worked on a small wood table I've had forever. It needed new paint so I decided to paint it to go with the front porch bench: Although I liked the chippy-ness of the paint, the wood was in bad shape. It really needed a fresh coat. I pulled out these three colors: But after painting it, I wasn't thrilled with how it looked: So I repainted the yellow and it now looks like this: hm, not sure if I should of kept the might be too dull. I'll live with it awhile. I do like the bright yellow however. Here it is next to the bench all ready for a glass of iced tea: Speaking