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Springtime in Bloom

The weather has been just gorgeous at the farm. Warm days, cool nights...perfect. I snapped a lot of pictures the last couple of weeks. I hope you enjoy! The red clover in the fields and along the roads is just beautiful: And the irises! Oh my! This is a banner year for them. I counted 20+ either blooming or about to open: They remind me of my mom  especially this one...she loved irises and blue was her favorite color!  Same tub a week a different colored iris blooming with the wine colored one! I love all the different colors! They are such beautiful flowers. :) I worked on the back flowerbed, cleaning it out and then planting a few new things: The big metal box is a wood box. Kind of ugly really but convenient. The front bed got some attention too although for now I'm just adding a few things in and trying to get some of the weeds out. It's going to take a lot more work to get it in shape: The nice thi

Barbed Wire Wreath

When we bought our farm, it had been fairly neglected. A previous owner had fenced off various pastures but when we got it, a lot of the barbed wire was on the ground. Not very safe! Needless to say, Bruce spent quite a bit of time rolling up and removing it. Of course, I "rescued" one of the bundles of barbed wire. I knew it would make a really cool, rustic wreath! I stashed it in the barn until I figured out exactly what I wanted to do. Then on one of my Canton shopping trips, I found this large wood and iron star. I immediately thought it would be the perfect accent for my barbed wire. (love the red!) Sure enough, it was. I wired it on and then had Bruce hang it on the fence. Love it! It will go on our new entry gate when it gets installed... For now we will enjoy seeing it as we come and go from the back yard. Now for the other piece of barbed wire.... :o) Cecilia Joining these great parties! Life on Lake Shore Drive Time to Party Bouqu

Fun Personal Styling Session with Ella of Start Close In

I just had the most fun I've had in a long time! I did a wardrobe style with Ella at  Start Close In . I found her when Miss Mustard Seed posted about her session with her. (Read about it here  and  here ). I loved the whole idea of having a personal styling session. I decided for my birthday I was going to treat myself. Then my knee got broken and I had to wait until I healed. Finally on Tuesday, I got to have my session. What a blast!  I told Ella  I didn't want to look frumpy just because I am 52! Or like I was trying to be a teenager. I don't work outside of the home but I'm an artist and want a look all my own. And Oh my goodness! She took my clothes and made great outfits that are true to who I am. What I like about Ella is she's sweet, funny, and very, very talented in taking a closet full of clothes and making them fresh. (And I said sweet, didn't I?) She had me pairing things I hadn't thought of before and you know what? They worked! I can't

End Table Redo

When I was looking for inexpensive furniture to furnish the farmhouse, I found the perfect sized end table  for the living room at a garage sale. She was a little rough as someone had started to strip the paint then left it all bubbled up to dry. Yuck, she was a mess. In her youth, her legs had pink in the do I know? That half-way stripped paint job left the color exposed. I loved her size and shape though, so she came home with me. First of all, I had to decide whether or not to finish stripping the paint. I really didn't want to get into that mess so I attempted sanding the raised, bubbled areas of paint. hmm, I think I like the texture it makes... Next, was deciding how much to paint her. Cover completely? Let's just say I was in a hurry to have an end table so chose to cover the pink and grungy white with a quick, light coat of fresh white. Didn't love it but there was so much else to do in the house that I let her be.